Is it okay to hang a bike with hydraulic brakes?

Yes, it’s perfectly okay to hang a bike with hydraulic brakes. I’ve stored my own bikes this way without any issues. There’s a common concern that hanging a bike vertically could cause air bubbles to move into the brake lines and affect braking performance.

However, in my experience and according to most bike mechanics I’ve talked to, this isn’t a significant problem with modern hydraulic brake systems. They are well-sealed and designed to prevent air from entering the system. If by chance, the brakes feel a bit spongy after hanging the bike, a few pumps of the brake lever usually settle things back into place.

Just make sure the bike is securely hung so that it won’t fall, and avoid hanging it by the wheels or components that could be bent or stressed under the bike’s weight. Hanging by the frame is often the safest method. This way of storing bikes is a great space saver and can help keep them out of the way and prevent damage.

Can you hang from the rear wheel?

Yes, you can, but you will find some bike riders arguing that it will damage your bicycle hanging from hooks. A fact is that many professional riders to recreational ones and bike shops attach the bike by the rear wheels.

The truth is that the drum has a durable design to carry your weight and can withstand force. But if you want to play it safe, you can hang bikes by two points. So you can hang your bike bottom-up from the front wheel or back wheel, but it also depends on the type of brakes you have on it.

Most road bikes have disc brakes compared to MBTs that have a hydraulic brake system. But more on this later. For easy lifting hanging your bicycles together, you can place the hooks a foot apart.

Okay, we said you could hang a bicycle upended, but there is an exception. If you have a mountain bike with a hydraulic brake, then the answer is no. When you look at the manual of Shimano, it states that when you turn your mountain bikes upside down, it causes air bubbles inside the tank.

These bubbles are still present when replacing the reservoir tank cover as it accumulates in other parts of the bike’s brake system to use for more extended periods. So when turned on the side or stored upturned, that air can move to the calipers. When this happens, the brakes might not work as they should. Don’t do this if you want your brakes to last and function properly. So you will need to test the brakes before going for a ride.

hanging bike rack

Other Storage Ideas

When it comes to hanging bicycles, especially mountain bikes, you have many options available. So with hanging upside down not a choice as the hydraulic system results in squishy brakes, what can you do?

The best alternative to hang upside down is the vertical position. However, if you do find spongy brakes using this manner, it means the brakes need a service. The best method is to pump the brake lever, but it needs bleeding to remove the air bubble from the system.

To hang your bicycle, you can use two hooks instead of one, and it works perfectly for indoor use. Luckily, if the option is not for you, then it helps to look at these bike storage solutions:

  • If you have outdoor space, you can invest in a security platform to secure your bicycle. A great one is a bike shed. The storage solution works well if you have several bicycles to keep safely stored.
  • Alternatively, you use a compact metal storage box that is weather-resistant and secured with steel panels.
  • Invest in vertical racks that are easy to use in small apartments as it saves on space.
  • Another option is horizontal racks, as it provides storage for the extended width of your MBT.

Choosing the right storage

Here it depends on the space you have available in your home or garage. In contrast, some racks allow you to store vertically. So we recommend you look at the following:

  • First, look at the wheel size, as it is vital to make sure you choose the right rack. If you decide to use a stand, the wheels need to accommodate the width of the bike.
  • What is your MBT or road bike’s weight? Before storing it against a wall, look at the quality of the wall. You do not want it coming crashing down.
  • What security needs do you have as some wall mounts you can lock to keep your bicycle secure.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the information provided about bike storage helps you find a functional storage system to use with your bike. Another thing to consider when hanging your bike is to declutter the area creating enough space to store your bike and other items.

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