Can a man ride a woman’s bike? (things to consider)

An interesting question to ask can a man ride a women’s bikes? In earlier days, the women’s bikes were easily identifiable with the huge sloping top tube.

The women could saddle up without the skirt getting in the way or blowing up in a breeze. These days the women’s specific bike still has the same top tube known as the step-through or stand over for ease of access.

Many of the women’s specific bikes have a structure for the female body that tends to be smaller and lighter to handle with their petite hands.

The women’s specific bike is prettier in different colors. You do not need to dig deep to find out that plenty of men would prefer to buy a bike in the women’s department to fit and style with their riding needs.

The majority of guys advise that the bike for women offers them a comfortable ride. You find this happening with more men as not all are tall and have a shorter height. These days you do not see gender issues when in need of a road bike neither in the mountain bike department. Check out my post on bike differences.

So if you are a man who is shorter in stature, investing in a unisex bike may be just the right option. However, let us take it a step further before deciding if the women’s bike the same as a men’s bikes.

Same bikes for both male and female?

The answer is yes, as there are different bikes available to find these days, such as the unisex bikes. On the other hand, men would prefer the fit of the women’s mountain bike. Even women find the fit of the men’s bike better suited for their riding needs.

Having gendered-based bikes is ridiculous, whether it is a women’s bike or men’s bike as any person can ride a bike. Why have a rule in place when in need of buying a bike?

However, when you look at it this way, there is an anatomical difference between the men and women’s bikes when it comes to fit and well worth considering when investing in unisex bikes.

womans mtb

The Differences in Bikes

On average, the women are shorter compared to men and comes with shorter stack heights. The torso length of the women is petite, and the bike needs a shorter reach length.

Now think about it, with these facts in mind, you find smaller frame men and women’ bikes that may work better than a man’s bike.

For this reason, a gender-specific bike comes with adjustable features; it is better to find a bike that suits your needs. Luckily when it comes to the mountain bike in design, it is gender-neutral, making it a unisex bike enjoyable for all to enjoy.

The only difference that matters is the saddle as the bikes made for each one’s anatomical need when sitting comfortably for hours of cycling.

On the other hand, the seat for men is narrower and longer, while the saddle for women is shorter and broader. For this reason, the women’s specific bicycle offers a comfortable ride as they have pelvic bones sitting wider apart.

Therefore, if you want to buy a bicycle, choose a bike that fits your cycling needs. When selecting a seat design without the proper flow to your genitals, it can cause discomfort.

However, you can find some seats with a unisex design to use with both genders. For this reason, it is better to try out the saddle of a mountain bike bore buying one.

On the other hand, other components are affecting your fit as well:

The stem – while not a significant problem and gets swapped out before leaving the store, has a longer or shorter design and needs fine-tuning to accommodate your build. You may want the handlebar to sit higher and easily changed during your fitment.

The handlebars – most bikes for women, have a narrower design and may suit you, and if you do find your shoulders getting tired, advise the bike shop about it.

The suspension – if you are a guy that has a lower weight, you can have the suspension altered or do it at home.

The brake levers – as a bike for women, the brake levers made for smaller hands. You can solve the problem by adjusting the screws to reduce the reach. If you are not savvy with a bike, you can always take it to a bike shop to help.

While a bike for women offers a comfortable ride made according to their posture, some taller women prefer cycling a bicycle made for men. Most men shudder away from riding a bike for women, while ladies have no problem with it.

On the other hand, if you find a bike with the ideal height and style, the only reason you will not feel comfortable is the seat. However, you can quickly solve the problem.

You can make sure you invest in a saddle made for women to install yourself if you are bike savvy.

Finding the right one

Choosing a unisex designed bike offers you the versatility to alter it according to your needs. On the other hand, you find the bike in different sizes to fit a wide selection of riders. The crucial thing is to find one that works with your body for a comfortable ride.

You do not want to end up with women’s bikes making you uncomfortable in the crotch or in need of stopping as your shoulders get tires from bending forward in an awkward position.

To help you find the correct bike pay less attention to your gender and more on your fit. Here it is all about comfort and not the bicycle design.

You can customize the bike by making adjustments and changing only the seat. We recommend visiting your local bike shop and trying the bikes when sitting on it.

Get help from a bike instructor to help you find a perfect bike that fits your body shape and size. You can even take along an experienced cyclist to help you choose one according to your needs.

Most importantly, take the bike for a test ride as it gives you an idea of how it feels when cycling. When you find the height and style works for you, but uncomfortable, you can always find a better seat to replace it.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is no problem for a man or a woman to choose the opposite gender bike as it all comes down to how comfortable your ride is. When it comes to different types of bikes, each brand has a debate going on.

When it comes to the cycle for a man or woman, there is a statistical difference in the length of the limb, and none of the numbers presented is perfect.

All it comes down to is find a flexible bike for the best riding experience and your personal preference, whether you are traveling by road or cycling rough terrains. Regardless of your height, limb length, and weight, all it comes down to is who is riding the bike—you!

Whether you want to invest in a brand, visit a bike fitter, or have one custom-built to accommodate your fit and style, each has debated on different aspects when fabricating a bike.

The important thing is to arm you with the best knowledge of what the market has to offer. Head over to the local bike shop and annoy the hell out of them, requesting multiple models to test and ride.

With the wide selection available, you can find a suitable bike to ride, whether it is a man or a women’s bicycle.

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